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Coffee (testing a lightbox)


I built a relatively cheap diffusion box setup some time ago. You may see my setup in detail in my earlier update. I decided to start experimenting the lightbox by shooting my passion and addiction – coffee! For now, I’ll just publish the photos and let you know my three rules to follow to make excellent coffee. I’ll tell you more about lightbox photography after studying it further.

Here are my three rules to follow to make excellentcoffee:

  1. Use very clean equipments and fresh water
  2. Use coffee beans and grind them just before you make your coffee
  3. Measeure, scale, measure

Remember to measure everything. Good coffee is not about feeling but pure mathematics! One cup of coffee needs approximately 7g-8g of coffee beans. Scale your beans and know the amount of water you use. ;)


Coffee beans on a scale

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Coffee, design & all things digital

Jarno Malaprade


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